Early this year I attempted fasting, with satisfying results. Despite the loss of five kilograms, I gained a greater insight into the world - Its a hard thing to describe, but starving the body eventually gets you slightly delirious, in my case for the better. The onset of it started on the third day without food and by the end of it I was referring to greasy, salty fries as the best food in the universe. Greasy, Salty Fries - its a long story, and I'd put it here if possible except it relies of visuals too much so I won't bother. Its pretty intense, at least through my eyes. Anyway, by the end of the fast I was writing letters to the Prime Minister about what he's doing wrong and writing numerous paragraphs on erratic topics. I also had a type of enlightenment... Its hard to describe. Everything seemed different, I seemed more.. in control. Obviously delirious. It didn't hit me to the third day though. The previous days I was just really, really hungry.

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