Recently announced mod for Half-Life. Given the nod from John Carmack, Valve Software started porting the original Quake deathmatch to Half-Life. It's an almost straight port, using the original weapons, physics, and maps. However, Valve opted to remake the models and textures, replacing the Quake-brown we all know and love. DMC should be released "very shortly". It's still not Team Fortress 2, so I don't care.

Title: Deathmatch Classic
Developer: Valve Software
Publisher: None (free internet download)
Date Published: 2001
Platforms: PC

Deathmatch Classic is an attempt by Valve Software's in-house modmaking team (they made Team Fortress Classic and Ricochet as well) to reproduce the fast-paced, frenetic online "deathmatches" of id Software's Quake inside of Valve's own Half-Life, a game widely considered to be "the best computer game of all time" - and itself based off of the Quake engine. However, this mod is not a straight port of Quake's Deathmatches, as it replaces the original's textures and models. Basically, an all-time classic has been given a big-time makeover.

DMC is included with Half-Life's newest client or server-side patch (not coincidentally, you'll find Ricochet and Team Fortress Classic on the newest patch as well), and includes:

You can find resources for Deathmatch Classic at the following websites. It is not the most popular modification out there for Half-Life (at least, not according to GameSpy), but its tried-and-true gameplay (the original Quake rocket launcher was, and is, a thing of beauty) makes DMC a good one. Besides, its a free mod thrown together by Valve, which could have been working on bigger and better things. How's that for community support?
  1. Snarkpit - - More conversions of original Quake maps to Deathmatch Classic.
  2. Zapper - - A thriving DMC community site, with plenty of news, forum discussions, and active servers.
  3. FilePlanet - - FilePlanet's directory of maps and other files for DMC.

Sources: Steve Gibson of Shacknews -, Planet Half-Life -, Toby Goldstone's Quake FAQ at GameFAQs

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