...proof that there were no "good old days." -Katherine Dunn

Death Scenes is a collection of photographs from the early 20th century detailing the life of a Los Angeles police officer. Little is known of the scrapbook's creator, Jack Huddleston, besides what is contained in this book, and the LAPD hasn't been cooperative in the search. The original scrapbook was found among the contents of an estate sale, and was showing heavy wear. After the pages were scanned, the photographs were digitally retouched. The layout of the photographs and the rough captions were preserved.

Huddleston's collection of pilfered police photos run the gamut of suicides, homicides, sex crimes, accidents, with some bizarre shots of hermaphrodites and shrunken heads thrown in for good measure. One can't help but speculate the underlying plots that led to the shocking crimes potrayed. How do you manage to get yourself shot over a ten cent hot dog (pg. 128), or convince yourself to commit suicide with two shotguns (pg. 83)?

Besides the horrific images, readers may also be offended by the archaic and impersonal language used in Officer Huddleston's forementioned captions. Victims and suspects are constantly refered to as "queers," "japs," "negroes" and the like, providing an interesting look at 20th century police vernacular.

Written and composed by Jack Huddleston
Edited by Sean Tejaratchi
Forward by Katherine Dunn

Published April 1996 by Feral House.
ISBN: 0922915296

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