I was having back problems, so I went to see my doctor. He operated on me, stitched me back up and told me everything was fine now. He said it would cost me $5,000 and that I'd have to use a colostomy bag for the rest of my life! I used it once, on the way home from somewhere with Alan. I sneaked into someone's house and pissed in their bathtub. There was blood. The door to the apartment opened, and I quickly headed out the window and jumped over the backyard fence to get back to Alan.

The next day, I went out with my mother. She said there was a woman named Emily Jemily who wanted to see me. She was impressed by my writing and by my life story, and felt bad that I had to have this surgery. So, we were on the train on the way there and I was joking around with my mom:

"So, what should I say? 'Thank you for your kindness, Miss Jemily. By the way, did you know that my hospital bill is $5,000? I can't possibly pay that on my own!' ?"

My mom noticed that people on the train were listening to me and urged me to stop. So I took out a scrapbook that I guess I carried everywhere with me (in this dimension) and we reached Miss Jemily's house shortly. We were let in by the butler and told to wait for the man who would bring us to Miss Jemily's office. We were waiting for a few minutes before my mom said, "Here he comes..."

He walked hunched over, with his back parallel to the floor. He wore a shirt with tails, a loose necktie, black fishnet stockings and little combat boots. He was deaf and couldn't speak, so we had to mouth everything to him. Then he picked up the phone and somehow communicated to our hostess that we had arrived.

So... we take a ride up the elevator, encountering many strange beings. There's Miss Noser, whose nose is so big, she hangs magazines and key rings off of it. Then there's the mechanical receptionist in the waiting room, who even gets pissed off at you. There was some weird robot pop music playing, and a few of the mechanical people sitting around were singing along.

We talked to Miss Jemily for a short time, who said she wanted to pay my hospital bill and give me a poetry magazine to run. I went home really excited.

Later in the dream I was sleeping with Alan, and I woke up in the middle of the night. I had to use the bathroom, but when I got in there I didn't want to use my colostomy bag. So I went to the bathroom normally, and everything was fine. Except for the blood. I crawled back into bed with Alan.

Then the dream takes a twist and I'm in a hospital bed. Someone comes in and says that I have to die. Apparently, I've done something wrong. They give me something to drink, and hand me a phone so I can call someone. I call Alan and tell him I'm about to die. He wants to come out and see me, but the drink has already taken effect and I'm unable to communicate anymore. I'm hoping that he can feel how much I love him in my last moments, and then it's over.

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