As a bird, I have to agree - Davina McCall is lush! But really, you should have spelt her name correctly in the title, and taken the trouble to actually write something about her.

She first came to my attention as the presenter of the ultimate late night student TV show: God's Gift.
Looking beyond the cannon-fodder contestants and the studio full of slappers, you could make out a character destined for higher things - oozing personality and energy.

McCall had already been up to her neck in drink, drugs and DJ's as a club promoter before enjoying brief stints as a Singer and Male Model Booker at a big agency. She ended up presenting Hanging Out and Girl Power on MTV and this led to her increasingly prominent career on terrestrial TV.

I was actually slightly miffed when half the world jumped on the bandwagon, but after the following she'd built up for God's Gift, fame beckoned.

Ms McCall dated Stan Collymore and, to the consternation of the red-tops, subsequently remained his friend, even after he punched his new girlfriend, Ulrika Johnson.

She presented ever more mainstream shows; from Streetmate, Channel 4's groovier, less Gorgonzola based version of Blind Date, to ex-Gaby Roslin vehicle, The Real Holiday Show (also for Channel 4) - her mass market appeal eventually culminating in the ultimate mainstream gig - Prime time Saturday night ITV family-entertainement-fest Don't Try This At Home. For this she attempted challenges such as walking a plank suspended between two skyscrapers and driving a Mini across a ravine.

Davina lives in north-west London (like all good geezer birds) and has written a book called The Dating Game, sold largely on the strength of her chequered romantic past and frontwoman on Streetmate status.

Since penning the book, she has married a very delicious specimen of manhood indeed, called Mathew, whom she rather touchingly met in the park, while walking her dog.

So, if you were thinking of buying her book for lurve advice, don't bother. Buy a dog and get yourself down park, for God's sake!

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