This oft-parodied phrase is used by Davina McCall on the UK Big Brother to signify, when talking to the house, that yes indeedy they are live on Channel 4, and so in accordance with ITC rules and regulations (the eviction shows are before 9, meaning they cannot have swearing or such in them) they cannot swear or else C4 will be in trouble with the regulator, which is not fun for all concerned.

Bo Selecta changed this phrase for their hyperactive Davina McCall parody, to "You are live on Channel 4, please do not say fucker or shit", which seems slightly more sensible than the real variant.

The phrase was a part of evictions from Big Brother 2 onwards, as Endemol and C4 had been given a warning by the ITC about the level of swearing in the first series, and so they took action. The housemates still swore though...

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