Avid Merrion (Leigh Francis) is the ginger-haired, neckbrace-wearing, Scandinavian celebrity stalker who won Funniest Man and Best Comedy Show at the Loaded comedy awards, 2003. He shot to stardom when he appeared in a series of spoof TV adverts for Big Brother UK where he obsessed about 'The Craig' (Craig Phillips - the winner of Big Brother 1). He first appeared in a series called "Whatever I want" on Channel 4.

Merrion went on to create his on TV show - Bo' Selecta! - in which he plays the parts of pop stars like Craig David, Christina Aguilera, Michael Jackson (chamon!), Britney Spears in lurid, latex masks. Bo' Selecta! is a brilliantly surreal take on celebrity culture. This first series (originally broadcast in 2002) features a number of cameos and guest appearances from minor celebs: Boyzone's Keith Duffy, Davina McCall, Vanessa Feltz and the hapless Christine Hamilton, one of numerous guests to be interviewed by a puppet bear (the Bear on Hampstead Heath) played by Merrion whose feverish line of questioning invariably results in him sprouting a little pink plastic erection (if you've not seen it, you'll have to take my word that it's very funny).

Avid Merrion's real name is Leigh Francis (he also sometimes uses the alias "Michael Jackass"). Leigh Francis married Jill Carter, a beautician, on Halloween at the Gothic Allerton Castle, near Knaresborough, North Yorkshire in 2003. The couple now live in London.

Further information:
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