Bo Selecta is a comedy series shown on the UK Channel Four, made by Talkback Productions. It basically takes the piss out of every single British celebrity there is, all while wearing a variety of grotesque masks.

The main star of the show is Avid Merrion (played by comedian Leigh Francis), a Transylvanian, near-psychopathic stalker, whose only purpose in life, it seems, is to meet celebrities. He keeps the first UK Big Brother winner, Craig, on a leash in his cupboard, and puts photos of celebrities on blowup sex dolls, in order to be near them.

Also on Bo Selecta is the Bear, a "cute" bear who lures celebrities (again) to his treehouse and asks them embarrassing questions. These escapades almost always end up with the Bear being read a "bedtime story", which always involves the lured celebrity being nailed by a variety of other celebrities, which gets Bear rather ...excited.

Other regular characters include Craig David (suitably self absorbed), Mel B (looks ugly as sin) and, hilariously, Michael Jackson, who popped up after the Martin Bashir interviews. Michael gets into fights with the Osbournes, does stunts (like Placenta Paintball-I kid you not) on Michael Jackass and uses the words "shammon" and "motherfucker" liberally and without any care as to who is nearby. Also, during the run of Big Brother, the UK host Davina McCall comes on to tell us that we are live on Channel 4 and cannot say fucker or shit (a mirror of the real Davina's "You are live on Channel 4, please do not swear"). Classic.

Bo Selecta is a random, eclectic and at times downright disturbing television show, while at the same time being piss-your-pants funny and a true comedy gem. BlackStar are currently offering it on DVD, so go get it now.

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