British character and voice actor. Got started with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Anyone who doesn't know his name would recognize David Warner in a second. He's been the villain in countless B movies over the last 30 years, which he typified as a "Hi, I'm Bob Evil" type of role, as well as a few A's. He played a Klingon in Star Trek VI immediately after playing a human in Star Trek V. He has provided voices for animated characters, including Ra's Al Ghul in Batman: The Animated Series.

His best live-action roles are probably Jack the Ripper in Time After Time, Sark in Tron, and Evil in Time Bandits. Some other movies he's been in include Waxwork, Titanic, The Island, Nightwing, Wing Commander, and The Omen. He's also provided voices for the video games Fallout, Descent 3, and Privateer 2.

Some information taken from the Internet Movie Database.

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