David Miscavige is a high school drop out who now leads a 300 million dollar a year international corporation dedicated to achieving the secret goals and vision of L. Ron Hubbard (the company is the RTC). He was the hand-trained child protege and apprentice of the ruthless master black magician who considered himself to be the Antichrist.

A former nanny of Miscavige said "that what you should feel for David is pity." From the start he had a horrible childhood, a horrible life. His life was molded under the hyper-dominant influence of Hubbard's evil personality.

When you look at Miscavige's family one finds echoes of the Hubbard family. David's sister committed suicide. She was high up in Scientology's secret initiations (OT VII). Miscavige's father, a Sea Org member, was arrested for some kind of rape-assault. It is reported that to avoid public embarrassment to Scientology, Miscavige was able to use Scientology's intimidating legal resources to get him off. (David's father still works with his son.)

David Miscavige's mother-in-law committed suicide while going psychotic in the Scientology secret initiations. (David Mayo was Hubbard's original hand-picked replacement, but who had left Scientology after a power struggle. At the time Flo Barnett committed suicide Mayo was allegedly auditing her on the same secret levels they audit in Scientology.) It should be noted that there is considerable ongoing debate that Miscavige's mother-in-law did not commit suicide, but may have been murdered for some reason possibly involving Miscavige and Scientology. According to the declaration of former member Vicki Aznaran who was one of the three highest executives in Scientology, when Flo Barnett flipped out and shot herself to death, the reactions of Miscavige and his wife were no compassion, no remorse.

The concept was that "she got what she deserved; we don't feel sorry for her," because she had left Scientology for a Scientology reform group that illegally used the same secret initiations. (Vicki Aznaran recently retracted this declaration after a pay off from Scientology.)

David Miscavige is known in the organization to be as ruthless, fear inspiring and as wild as his mentor was. His whispered nickname in the organization is the "asthmatic dwarf." When one of Miscavige's junior executives lost a baby in an abortion he just said, "Get back to work; its just another body; what are you showing all this concern for?"

When looking at the lives and families of Hubbard and Miscavige recalling the parallels to Aleister Crowley's life is also unavoidable. Aleister Crowley is known to have driven all of his mistresses and wives to hysteria, madness or divorce with his demands. Crowley drove several of his disciples to suicide and humiliated others to madness. This type of result on the lives of others is not just particular to Crowley / Satanist groups, but it is common in most fanatical secret societies.

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