Dogs suffer from this syndrome too, though in all my adventures as a trainer I've never known them to become sexually aroused by it. (Not that they necessarily share that kind of information with me, of course.) But dogs like to eat poop. Some of them like to eat their own poop, some prefer the poop of other dogs, and nearly all dogs absolutely adore cat poop. It's evidently some kind of canine delicacy.

(Cat poop:dogs::beef tartare:humans, or something.)

Not only is this behavior pretty damned gross, but it can also be sort of unhealthy for your pooch. (Surprise, surprise.) They can get parasites and bacterial infections in their digestive tracts and all manner of icky things. Besides, frequent visits to the feces buffet will give your dog really, genuinely nasty halitosis. Luckily, though, through the miracles of Modern Science(tm), there is a cure for this "disorder!" A product called Deter can be added to their food, and to your cats' food. If your dog and your cats will still eat their food after this powder has been added, their excrement will taste bad and your dog won't want to eat it anymore. Honestly, what on earth would we do if we didn't have an expensive product to buy that makes shit taste yukky? Better living through chemistry, I always say.

If you can't find Deter at your local pet shop, some people say that meat tenderizer or pineapple juice added to pets' meals will also help stop coprophagic behavior. Personally, I've never seen either of those methods work very well, but your results may vary.

The bright side? If you have three cats in your house and two dogs that love eating their poop, cat box cleaning becomes a less time-consuming task. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything. My dogs are of course perfect in every way and would never do anything so disgusting. Never. They're far too refined. Yeah, that's the ticket. Refined.

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