Note: The following is an interview with Heber C. Jentzch - leader of the Church of Scientology, conducted by KFI radio. This is not a work of fiction. Involved are Heber Jentzsch, Dennis Erlich, (a noted critic of Scientology and a former member) Priscilla Coates, (another critic) and an unnamed host.

I have tried to keep emphasis to a minimum, and this transcript is whole and complete to the best of my knowledge and ability.

Heber: Ok.

Caller: Uh I'd like someone to describe the process of exorcism, uh, Dennis really never finished.

Dennis: Yeah. I would like to talk about that.

Heber: Well, you can pick it up in Dianetics, Modern Science and Mental Health. And what it does is deal with the mental image pictures that a person has, and it can deal with a person's past, going back into his past mind.

Dennis: It's got nothing to do with that.

Heber: Well it does have everything to do with it, and you know that.

Dennis: It doesn't have anything to do with that.

Heber: The Dianetics, Modern Science and Mental health -

Dennis: You want an answer, or do you want to hear what the (Indecipherable)

Caller: (Indecipherable)

Heber: The Dianetics - Dianetics - Dianetics, Modern Science and Mental Health has an answer to that -

Dennis: Ok, well I'll give you one.

Heber: - and Dennis knows that the Dianetics has the answer to that.

Dennis: He's blocking, he's blocking.

Heber: I'm not blocking that you know, you're sitting here John, John?

Dennis: I would like to answer, but he won't let me.

Host: Well, this is the second time it's come up, and neither time have we got an answer.

Caller: I heard the other answer (indecipherable)

Heber: Sure, y'know, I... I'm not here to discuss the religion of Scientology.

Dennis: I'd like to answer, but he won't stop talking -

Heber: Dennis.

Dennis: - that's the thing, he won't stop to let me.

Heber: Dennis... Dennis... Dianetics...

Dennis: This is the technique he drills before he comes on...

Heber: Oh, give me a break Dennis, come on, you know better than that.


Host: Well why don't you let him answer?


Host: There's now three of us asking, let him answer!

Heber: Dianetics, Modern Science and Mental Health -

Host: Alright. (Heber's microphone is cut off)

Heber: - has an answer to it -

Dennis: Ok, now I can answer? That's great, that's great. Thank you very much.

Heber: - Oh yeah, cut me off, alright...

Host: Well you won't stop!

Dennis: The exorcism process Hubbard describes, that... that the individual has ended up, over the process of millions and millions of years plagued by thousands and thousands of entities besides himself... that are occupying his body. These entities speak to him, and give him messages which are.. his.. uh, reactive mind, they call it.

Heber: (loud, agitated) Well, she cut off my microphone... HEY! Get your hands off of me! You get your hands off me! You keep your hands off me!

Host: Let it, let him go, Priscilla, we don't want to start a fight in the studio.

Heber: I'm not going to start a fight, but if she puts her hands around... I don't care if you are... you call yourself a lady, y'know, you'd better watch it Priscilla.

Dennis: Look at this technique... this is... this guy... this is amazing... this is the kind of thing...

Heber: It wouldn't be the first time. No, I mean, my microphone's cut off (Indecipherable) My microphone has been cut off and I'm standing here next to Dennis talking. Well, I feel that my microphone shouldn't be cut off.

Dennis: No, he doesn't want me to answer. He definitely doesn't -

Heber: I tell you what -

Dennis: he definitely doesn't want me to answer -

Heber: you people, you people have -

Dennis: This is a serious thing to him that I am talking about exorcism.

Heber: I think that, y'know -

Dennis: That's what Scientology is actually about.

Heber: You love drugs, don't you? You think drugs -

Dennis: That's exactly what Scientology is about, the exorcism process.

Heber: You love drugs don't you, Dennis?

Dennis: The exorcism process...

Heber: Dennis, you love drugs don't you?

Dennis: See, listen to this! (laughter)

Heber: You love drugs, and you hate us because we take people off of drugs, are you on drugs right now Dennis? Dennis, what are you on? What are you on Dennis?

Host: Alright, we're going to take a break... here on KFI.



Heber: (agitated, loud) No no, you guys want drugs!

Dennis: You can claim whatever you want... That's absurd!

Heber: You guys want drugs! You are for it -

Dennis: That's absurd!

Heber: - you are trying to destroy any drug program.

Dennis: That's absurd!

Host: Heber, give Dennis a chance to respond.

Heber: No no, Dennis: you want drugs. Do you... do you want people off of drugs?

Dennis: That's absurd, that's totally absurd!

Heber: Well say it -

Host: Dennis -

Heber: Do you want them off of drugs? Prozac is in there, it's a KILLER! It is a psychiatric killer drug!

Host: Heber, I'm going to have to cut your microphone off if you don't give him a chance to respond.

Heber: Fine. (lowered voice) He won't talk about drugs.

Dennis: I have a, I have a list of questions from former members, I run a uh, a group of former members, uh, sort of an encounter group of former members...

Host: First answer my question, what was the charge in Spain?

Dennis: Uh, you know I'm not even sure

Heber: You weren't even there.

Dennis: I'm not sure.

Priscilla: Falsification of records, coercion, capital flight - they called it a pure and simple charlatanism.

Heber: and obviously the judge says... there was no evidence...

Host: Alright, I will allow you to ask one question, pick your best shot.

Priscilla: You told them your mother was dying Heber, you made up another story.

Heber: YOU!!

Dennis: Oh listen to this -

Heber: No. No.

Dennis: - the louder -

Heber: That is, that is... Hold on.

Dennis: - he talks the more truth, right?

Heber: (ranting) You talk about my mother that way, that tells me exactly what you're like. YOU talk about my mother that way, and you say that you love these people? You talk about my mother that way... I am angry about that, because my mother was dying, and my mother IS very ill and has been for some time. You talk about that... that's the kind of person you are, I have no support for you! I am angry about that! And you Dennis - if you join with that.. just... that's the kind of thing you people support. That is absolutely unconscionable. You talk about my mother that way Priscilla... (lowered voice) how do you feel about people?

Host: Dennis, ask your question.

Heber: No, I... I... I...

Host: Hold on Heber, let him ask the question.

Heber: Do you think that's ok? You're the moderator, do you think that's ok?

Host: You, Heber, you have been dominating this conversation since you walked into this studio.

Dennis: Exactly.

Heber: Do you think it's ok?

Dennis: Exactly.

Heber: But do you think it's ok?

Host: I think that you ought to calm down, and give them a chance to respond.

Heber: I don't like that being said about my mother. SHE said that. Do you think it's ok?

Host: You're turning this into a major issue, and I'm...

Heber: I am FURIOUS about that! I am FURIOUS about that!


Dennis: He doesn't want to answer this question...

Heber: You can laugh about it... That's my mother.

Dennis: He takes control of the interview...

Host: I think what you do... I think what you do is take an issue, and turn it into something you... if it's something you don't want to answer, you will not answer, and you create an issue.

Dennis: Exactly, exactly.

Heber: Every American out there who thinks it's ok to say that about somebody's mother: fine. Join these people. I don't think you do.

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