David Hare is a left-wing British playwright. He has written numerous plays and screenplays, and tends to concentrate on topical social matters. Possibly his most famous work is the trilogy known as 'State of the Nation' or 'The David Hare Trilogy', which consists of:

Murmuring Judges: Concerning the Criminal Justice System, with the general implication that in modern Britain, the system is more criminal than justice. The title of the play is the name given in Scottish law to the offence of criticising the judiciary. Mozart's opera the Magic Flute plays an interesting role in the play.

Racing Demon: Concerning the Church of England.

The Absence of War: Concerning the Labour Party, based on Hare's experience of the party's defeat at the 1992 general election. The Absence of War has been televised with John Thaw in the lead role.

Much of the research for this trilogy is presented in the book Asking Around.

In 2001's election campaign, Hare wrote a series of columns under the heading 'A View from the Left' for right-wing broadsheet the Daily Telegraph.

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