A classic cartoon by Chuck Jones featuring Bugs Bunny.

When opera singer Giovanni Jones finds himself interrupted during his rehearsal by a folk music playing wabbit, he angrily smashes all of Bugs's instruments. This prompted Bugs famous, Groucho Marx inspired line: "Of course you know this means war!"

Giovanni of course should have known better than to mess with everyone's favorite rabbit. Later that evening, Jones is performing a concert at an outdoor amphitheater, clearly intended by the animators to be the Hollywood Bowl. Bugs shows up and disguises himself as the revered conductor Leopold Stokowski, replete with a flowing white wig, and proceeds to conduct Jones through a concert for the ages, stretching the very limits of his vocal talents. The story comes to a literal crescendo when Bugs has Giovanni hold a high note for so long that Jones's face starts to turn purple, his clothes fall off and, finally, the resonance from the note causes the shell of the Bowl to crack and then crash down on top of him.

Perhaps one of the most surreal experiences available in Los Angeles occurs most every summer at the very same Hollywood Bowl. For one or two nights, the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra presents a concert where the orchestra plays the score from classic cartoons synchronized with the cartoons themselves (played for the audience on a large projection screen attached to the shell of the Bowl itself). Always a staple at these concerts is the Long-Haired Hare, allowing the audience the rather odd experience of watching the Bowl be destroyed as they sit within it.



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