Warner Brothers first released this cartoon theatrically on June 20, 1953. Warren Foster wrote, I. Friz Freleng directed, and Edward Selzer had the producer's chair. The men responsible for animation were Manuel Perez, Ken Champin, Virgil Ross, Arthur Davis.

The action takes place in the sleepy town of Doughnut Center ("What a Hole," reads the sign). A newspaper headline reveals that a widow-- Granny-- has inherited 50 million dollars. Yosemite Sam loudly announces his malevolent intention to marry the widow, get his hands on her fortune, and commit all sorts of dastardly deeds with it. Bugs Bunny overhears and sets out to scuttle Sam's plan.

Sam shows up to court Granny. Then Bugs (disguised as a man) arrives and announces the same intention. Mayhem ensues. Bugs finally succeeds by substituting himself for Granny at the altar.

It is noteworthy for three reasons:

1. Granny appears without the Tweety Bird.

2. Granny's apparent first name, "Emma," is used.

3. It contains the funniest joke in the world or, at least, in the Warner Brothers canon:

Granny runs around her house, with two men chasing her. On one pass, she giggles and says,

"Nothing like this has happened to me since the boys got back from Gettysburg!"

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