"I find that no matter how big you get, it's important to keep a small mind." - Darlene McBride, 1998

Darlene McBride is the extreme parody of American pro-aryan white thrash. This character is played by the excellent comedian Nicole Sullivan, and is a recurring MADtv skit. She has a appalling appearance, with big red hair and trashy dresses. Darlene is a country singer with song texts so fascist, even Adolf Hitler would be pleased. Her political views are close to neo-nazism and very, very racist. Much of her hate seems to come from the resentment towards her mother, as shown when they sang a duet. When Mrs. Sullivan performs the Darlene McBride skits, people in the audience sometimes boo more than they laugh. This is one of the funniest parodies MADtv has ever made.

Some of the Darlene McBride songs (From the "Take back America tour"):

The Lord Loves the NRA

God loves the NRA,
He told it to me yesterday,
He spelled it out with bullets in the sky,
He's sitting up in heaven,
With his AK-47,
He's a rough-and-ready macho kind of guy.

What's So Bad About the Back of the Bus?

What's so bad about the back of the bus,
You still have a seat just like the rest of us,
I don't understand all of the fuss,
About sitting in the back of the bus.

Nothing Would Be Finer

Nothing would be finer,
Than to drop a bomb on China,
In the morning.
Nothing would be sweeter,
Than to shoot a welfare cheater,
In the morning.

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