Arguably the best drummer in modern rock, Danny Carey is not only the drummer for Tool, but has also played as a studio drummer for funk and jazz groups. He plays SONOR drums (one of very few major drummers who do). Considered by many drummers as a minor deity, Danny Carey started playing drums at 12, and was playing jazz clubs by 17.

I was first attracted to Tool by his playing. I heard "Sober" from Tool's second album Undertow on the radio in eighth grade and was instantly hooked.

I have spoken (very) briefly with him online. His favorite musicians are Yes, King Crimson, and John Coltrane. He also likes surfing when he's not playing.

He's also enormously tall and built. Looks like a typical surfer dude up close.

my fucking hero...

In addition to being the drummer for Tool, it can also be noted that Danny Carey was raised in Paola, Kansas. He graduated from Paola High School in 1979 and also attended university at both UMKC and Emporia State University before heading off to Los Angeles to make it big in percussion.

What seems to be a little mentioned fact is that Carey served as the drummer for Green Jellö before finally hooking up with the boys from Tool. So, yes, that's him drumming away on the seminal Three Little Pigs from Green Jellö's (or Green Jellÿ, depending on your chronological preferences) first album.

As I am from Paola, there was always a certain level of rumor and legend surrounding Mr. Carey. An acquaintance of mine claimed to have bought Danny Carey's first drumset from Carey's parents. Another friend (and my first college roommate) claimed to have given him a ride home one afternoon, as Carey's car had broken down.

His senior picture is not exactly flattering.

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