A character in the television programme Stargate SG-1. Really called Dr Daniel Jackson, but known as jinxy to his friends. For good reason. Daniel is an archaeologist, come anthropologist, come historian, come cryptographer, come sociologist, come linguist. A valuable asset to SG-1 and the Stargate program, or at least so it would be thought.

Jackson is the friendly one to all the other, 'used to be slave', human populations found through the Stargate. The people living in pre-industrial squalor (or rural idyll, as it is so often portrayed on the show), the people who have no useful technology to combat the ghoa'uld, but will prove a drain on Earth's already streched recources. The things that must be done, to be able to wear the white hat.

This is only part of the predicament. Jinxy Jackson's friendship of these people is spurred by a massive curiosity of these, often ancient, cultures. He will read anything, root around in anything, mess with any ancient technology to understand it. This is the root cause of his jinxyness. He is the daft bugger of SG-1.

This foolhardy curosity often makes him stumble into nasty effects caused by either the unhappy portion of the local populace, or the ancient alien artifact that he is prodding at the time. So if someone is going to be shot, imprisoned, teleported, made invisible, and generally have to be rescued by his long suffering team members, it is Dr Daniel Jackson. I am sure he counts himself lucky when whatever happens only effects him, and not the rest of SG-1 or the planet that he happens to be standing on.

However, even though this keeps happening, again and again and again, or maybe because it does, the SGC keep him around. His insights, even when he is not needlessly endangering himself, and those around him, is vital to the defense of Earth. May God have mercy on our souls.

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