An album by Groove Collective
Released May 19, 1998
Tracks are:
1. Out The Door
2. Deal With It
3. Floating
4. Bionic
5. St. Gallen
6. Peep Show
7. Que Te Pasa 'Ti
8. Anna Christina
9. Drunken Master
10. Tangenziale
11. Runaway Child
12. Sending
13. World Bank
14. Hey

Heavily laden with The Barry White Effect, this album is the sonic equivalent of a cd-length sex session.

The album starts out relatively slow with the aptly titled "Out The Door." However, as soon as the xylophone and bass kick in, you know it's gonna rock. By the time the song ends and the album gets moving, it has changed into a crankin' funk-fest. Try keepin' your hands off your partner then.

The next track, "Deal With It," continues along on that level of funkocity. However, the third track, "Floating," settles down into a nice, smooth groove ­ perfect for when you are calming down and just getting to business. The jazz influences come out in this song like no other.

Over the rest of the album, the band goes through a bunch of styles: rap, latin and salsa, fusion and any other jazz-related style you can think of.

The greatest moment of the album comes in the next-to-last track, "World Bank." It starts off slow and simple with a nice melody and a big, diverse sound. However, three-quarters of the way through the song, the song accelerates into a giant orgasm of sound.

This is definitely some music to have sex to.

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