A private prep school in the suburbs of Pittsburgh (the middle and high schools are located in Fox Chapel, as opposed to being located in Shadyside.) which is one of the few larger non-catholic private schools in the area. Known for their competitive sports teams, Ultimate Frisbee leagues, beautiful and well-foliated campus, well-to-do students, and all-around solid education. Up until relatively recently, the elementary and middle schools were all-boys, and required formal suit and tie attire to be worn during school hours. Since becoming coed, the dress code has been relaxed somewhat and policies are changing, but the school retains the male majority and "prep school attitude". A lot of emphasis is placed on competition among peers, both academically and athletically.

It is an excellent school, but it is not for everybody. The teachers are all very congenial, the students not necessarily so.

A small, private college prepatory school (covering education from grade school to middle school to high school) located in Fox Chapel, one of the more affluent suburbs of Pittsburgh, PA. Shady Side Academy prides itself on being able to place its students in some of the best colleges in the country.

Shady Side Academy provides a very good education, but like many high schools, it is not good to be poor or different when attending Shady Side Academy. However, since it a secular private high school, it is considered a good alternative to the many Catholic high schools for those who want the level of concentrated education that isn't to be found in most public schools.

Because it is one of the few non-catholic schools in the area, a lot of rich Jewish kids go to Shady Side Academy.

Another notable fact about Shady Side Academy is it uses a very British system of referring to the different grades, and the order of class periods is on a seven-day rotating schedule, which means that every Monday is uniquely hellish.

People who attend Shady Side Academy are considered to be assholes by most of the other high school students in Pittsburgh, particularly those involved in debate, and they are correct about 65% of the time.

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