Are humans innately good or evil?

          This is not an answer to that question.

What this is, is up to you. If you believe in Karma, it's possible you want to balance out your Daily Evil. If all the bad news gets you down, maybe this will give you warm fuzzies. If you want some of your faith in humanity restored, this might help. There are many other possibilities.

While this is patterned after Daily Evil, which is usually written about one's own actions, I highly encourage observed GoodTM as well.

I'd like to point out that my reason for inventing Daily Evil was that I'm TOO nice. My karmic balance was way out of kilter, although I'm starting to lose my taste for it, other people are carrying the torch.

There was no attempt to undermine someone's faith in humanity in Daily Evil.. because none of it is really evil. Obnoxious, and annoying like the buzz of a mosquito in your ear when you're trying to fall asleep on a hot summer evening. Those were my goals, and I'd like to think many a day, I achieved them.

Ahh! It's like my node was tempted by the "light side". The comforting part is that evil will always triumph because good is inherently naive. Mwahahahahahhaaa

Besides, how "Good" is it to pilfer someone else's idea anyways? Hopefully you at least struck that up as your Daily Evil for today. =cP

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