Da Vinci's Notebook is a wacky a cappella quartet made up of tenor Paul Sabourin, baritone Greg "Storm" DiCostanzo, tenor Richard Hsu, and bass Bernie Muller-Thym. They are best known for their unique humor, parodies, and musical arrangements.

The group debuted as a quintet at the 1994 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes, and took home the 3rd place prize. The fifth singer left the group soon after. Da Vinci's Notebook reorganized into a quartert, and won an open mic contest, and were signed to return and play a full three hour set. Thus Da Vinci's Notebook was born.

The group went on to win the 1996 Mid-Atlantic Harmony Sweepstakes, and land themselves on the pages of the Washington Post.

Since then, the four have been relentlessly touring the country (and invading Canada when time permits). The have appeared on NBC's Today Show, and then becoming Artists in Residence at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. The group has also performed one-off bits for Comedy Central and PBS. In the summer of 2002, the group has graced the stage at the Clearwater Festival and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, and left the crowds rolling in the aisles.

Da Vinci's Notebook has released three albums: Bendy's Law (1997) (with special guest artists Moxy Früvous), The Life And Times Of Mike Fanning (2000), and Brontosaurus (2002)

Web: http://www.davincisnotebook.com/
DVN's Comprehensive Guide to Things That Are Cool and Uncool : http://www.davincisnotebook.com/cool.htm

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