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"Except with the heart, one cannot see. What is truly there is invisible to the eyes." The Little Prince
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I am an alumnus of the Computer Science program at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I live in Rome, New York, NY. For fun, I like going to concerts, especially concerts of Moxy Früvous (Yes, that makes me a Fruhead), They Might Be Giants, Great Big Sea, Dar Williams, Sarah Slean, the Arrogant Worms, russell wolff, Guster, Sarah Harmer, Christine Lavin, Vance Gilbert and many others. Of course, I listen to the great WBER. I also do some Theatre on the side.

I participated in the Everything Quests: The E2 Tourist Guide quest. It was a lot of fun writing the 2 nodes for 12 Corners Coffeehouse and California Rollin'