Cygnus Solutions ( is an extremely Open Source software friendly company. They are most noted for their extensive work on the GNU C compiler, the Cygwin port of many of the GNU utilities to Microsoft Windows, and the eCos Open Source embedded real time operating system.

A constellation located in the Milky Way between Pegasus and Draco, also called the constellation of the Swan. It lies within the Summer Triangle and is known also as the Northern Cross. The general area of the sky has long been associated with birds by different ancient cultures. One legend states that the Swan is the hero Orpheus transformed, who enchanted many men, beasts, trees and rocks with the music from his harp or lyre (Lyra). In an ancient star list from the Euphrates region, it was called Bird of the Forest, while the Arabs called it the Flying Eagle or the Hen. It was also known as the Hen in early Egypt.

The name of the constellation's brightest star, Deneb, comes from the Arabic word which means tail, and makes up the tail of the constellation.

Albireo, the head of the swan, is a beautiful double star which can be observed with a small telescope. Sadir, or the bird's breast, and Gienah, the wing, are stars which make up the rest of the constellation.

A photograph of Cygnus can be found at

Cyg"nus (s?g"n?s), n. [L., a swan.] Astron.

A constellation of the northern hemisphere east of, or following, Lyra; the Swan.


© Webster 1913.

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