Imogene. Imaging. Imagine. Imagine Imogene imaging. Imagine Imogene imagining imaging.

The ingenue imagines the image.

To the outsider, it's just a purely lovely sight to behold. To Imogene it's a disaster. The tiny pimple on the chin is all she can see. No friend to her, this malevolent mirror. And the hair's not right, either. Stupid brush. Idiot comb. Hateful humidity.

Imogene. Isolated. Inhibited. Imagine Imogene in isolation.

To others who circle, it's a picture painting. To Imogene it's a nervous assault on unachievable perfection. The stain on her sweater, there, just above the left elbow, is all she can consider. And these shoes don't belong here. There were shoes which did. Footwear epiphany, two hours too late.

Imogene. Iced tea. Icarus ascending. Itching sweater. Incapable of incorporation.


Alone until.

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