A "cube lunch" is a mid-day repast eaten inside your cubicle at work. Cube lunches usually consist of picked up food (Applebee’s, fast food, mall food) or delivered food (pizza, Chinese) or food that you brought from home (leftovers, Ramen Noodles, peanut butter and jelly sandwich). God help you if you had to buy your lunch from a vending machine, especially a Wheel of Death. The drink accompanying a cube lunch is usually from a vending machine or water cooler.

A cube lunch is usually as long as it takes you to eat. A cube lunch might be consumed while you’re busy at work. Mixing food and work is rarely a good thing and a cause of indigestion. Look out for food that especially gives you a gut bomb.

Cube lunches tend to messy up your work area. Be careful that you do not eat over your keyboard or spill your drink and that you dispose of your trash promptly. Try throwing away your trash in someone else’s trashcan. One of the funnest things about a cube lunch is having a coworker come back from their real lunch and have their work area smell like BBQ! Look innocent.

After four days of eating your lunch in your cube, you’re due to a long lunch at a restaurant. Please remember to treat yourself once in a while and tip the server well!

Technically, a cube lunch could also be a lunch in the shape of a cube.

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