Your average lineup of mall food will include staples such as McDonald's or another fast food hamburger joint, a "mall Italian food" type place, such as Sbarro's, and possibly a "mall Chinese food" place.

Mall Chinese food isn't necessarily bad. As far as I can tell, it's basically the same no matter what mall you go to. For around $5 typically, you get your choice of two or maybe three entrees. One of them is always orange chicken, General Tso's chicken, or something similar. There is always Lo Mein, and fried rice. The food is pretty greasy, and the servings are pretty generous.

Sbarro's has a wide variety of entrees, ranging from Pizza to Pasta with meatballs, and garlic bread. It resembles mall Chinese food in that it's kind of like what you'd get in a real Italian restaurant, but it's greasier and cheaper.

You may also find a Nathan's, possibly a Friendly's where you can sit down and eat, a Subway, or a Taco Bell.

Venturing outside of the food court area, you will surely encounter these two mall staples: Mall Pretzels and Dippin' Dots. When you get a Mall Pretzel, you can have them put on any combination of butter, salt, or flavorings. They are very very good, and will run you around $2.

Dippin' Dots are billed as "The Ice Cream of the Future!" or "Space Ice Cream". They have been around for many years and they really haven't caught on outside of the mall. This means we're in the future now, but I still get Ben and Jerry's rather than Dippin' Dots. This is because Dippin' Dots suck. They are little balls of bad ice cream. Bad ice cream is still bad even if you give it to people shaped like little balls.

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