It is... the ice cream of the future! ...or so the advert says.

It's actually tiny neon-colored balls of something or other. Supposedly, they are packed, frozen ice cream balls each the size of a BB. They taste kind of odd and indescribable, but good. The problem is, the texture is kind of gooey, yet noncorporeal. It's way, way too strange for me to handle.

No really it is the ice cream of the future!. Coming soon to places near you.

Actually, for the ice cream of the future, it can't be found outside of amusement parks (at least I've never seen it anywhere else). I really don't understand this. If it is the ice cream of the future shouldn't it be expanding and all over the place? hmmmm....

Maybe it isn't the future of ice cream. :)

Dippin' Dots are just like regular ice cream, but they are very small with a relatively large amount of air between each dot. That means that you wind up getting a lot less ice cream than you pay for -- and you damn well better get a LOT of ice cream for the four bucks they charge for a cup of those damned things. But I guess the future will be expensive, judging from the price of its ice cream confections.

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