is a Perl module that prints errors in haiku form.

module was developed by
Damian Conway.

module brings tranquillity
to your debugging.

The module alters
the behaviour of die and
warn (and croak and carp).

It also provides
transcend and enlighten -- two
Zen alternatives.

Coy reports errors from the
caller's point-of-view.

But it prefaces
the bad news of failure with
a soothing haiku.

So, Coy is a Perl module that generates haiku error messages. This node would be nothing if we wouldn't provide an example of Coy's output (actual output, from a script written for just this demostration but actual anyway):

	A cat yowling. A 
	salmon swims. A pair of howling 
	wolves. A gannet.

		Swordmaster Musashi's commentary...
		Sausages were not precisely 20 cm long 

			("The Way of": line 60.)

Like Lingua::Romana::Perligata, this is one of Damian Conway's silly language-related Perl modules. However, just like Perligata, it's not as silly as it seems; This is a good example of how to use Lingua::EN::Inflect and Lingua::EN::Hyphenate, two really cool modules for English inflection and hyphenation that Conway has brought us.

Also, Coy has a nice implementation; I had a sort of enlightenment when I looked at it. It's a very, very sophisticated Junk Generator. Check it out, and learn from the Old Masters.

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