So, Coy is a Perl module that generates haiku error messages. This node would be nothing if we wouldn't provide an example of Coy's output (actual output, from a script written for just this demostration but actual anyway):

	A cat yowling. A 
	salmon swims. A pair of howling 
	wolves. A gannet.

		Swordmaster Musashi's commentary...
		Sausages were not precisely 20 cm long 

			("The Way of": line 60.)

Like Lingua::Romana::Perligata, this is one of Damian Conway's silly language-related Perl modules. However, just like Perligata, it's not as silly as it seems; This is a good example of how to use Lingua::EN::Inflect and Lingua::EN::Hyphenate, two really cool modules for English inflection and hyphenation that Conway has brought us.

Also, Coy has a nice implementation; I had a sort of enlightenment when I looked at it. It's a very, very sophisticated Junk Generator. Check it out, and learn from the Old Masters.