(read this slower than you were about to)

the county line is changing
and the road is fading thin
I never got your letters
I don't remember when

we talked about the wishes
we spoke in blues and greens
you stole some words from high school
and split my ring of keys

the trees have lost their flavor
and I'm breathless from the heat
the photographs have faded
with the shuffle of our feet

we'll meet up after college
we'll make up for lost time
I can't remember nicknames
I'll look for hidden signs

of all that's been forgotten
or thrown off to the side
a privilege of friendship
and rhythms of the tide

so I drive around to your house
and worry you'll be home
all the lights on in the kitchen
and your sister's on the phone

when the sun goes down tomorrow
I'll wait in the backyard
throw candy at your window
I'll catch you off your guard

you smile when you remember
you miss me like you should
dr. seuss with pink carnations
and awkwardness of youth

hold your hand just like you wanted
your finger hidden in my fist
on a blanket in the fairgrounds
a silver chain about your wrist

the rain has washed the road out
it's too late to turn around
I can't see past the headlights
this music is too loud

now I miss you more than ever
and I'm sorry that I'm blind
and I'm sorry for this weather
I'll try again another time

I'll try again at another time.

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