Countermoves is an attempt to put down on paper some of what excites a few people about gaming. Countermoves the zine is a way to publish games of all types, articles about a wide range of games as well as to spur on more people to not only get into those games but create more of them. Big trees come from small seeds and if this zine does anything at all it will hopefully spread around some seeds.

The type of games that you will find in this zine is varied. The only real criteria for what is published is that the games make you think.

This would cover, but not be restricted to war games, board games, dice games, card games, abstract games, role-playing games (rpgs), microgames, etc.

Some of the games that the zine will cover will not interest you. That's a good thing, because if you turn the page odds are you will find something that does interest you. Countermoves will try to have an open scope rather than a limited one. Magazines focused on just one or two type of games are great; I would not give up my copies of Strategy & Tactics for all the Pay Pal cash on the Net. But they are out there already being done, and done really well.

What Countermoves looks like changes from issue to issue. In the same issue you might find a PHD level thesis on Alexandrian tactics, a review of the new Magic The Gathering (of your money) card series, the full rules/maps/counters for a new reader created microgame, a list of rule modifications for Diplomacy and Warp War, a look inside the finer points of 20th Century arms for Fudge, a recipe for Pasta De Panzers (a quick to cook tasty meal for a long game season), a WffNProff variant to model quantum physics, a scattering of logic puzzles, the latest installment of web resources for PBEM/PBNet apps and servers, as well as assorted art work and other articles.

You might also find an article covering the Power Puff Girls game; my 7 year old loves to play this board game. I got hooked on it and found that it actually teaches some good foundation skills that will prepare her to play more complex games in the future. I can almost imagine her beating me in a game of Third Reich any week now. So a review of this game, maybe some rules variants, extra pieces, etc. would fall well within Countermoves charter. I know for some members this will be an unread article, but for the parents in the crowd it might be just the thing to spark a connection of gamming between them and their kids.

Much of what gets into Countermoves comes from you. If there were anything you would like to see in its pages all you need to do is create it. So long as it fits in the Countermoves charter (see above) it will be more than welcome.

All the issues of Countermoves and information on the current state of zine can be found at .

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