Sorry, but due to the fact that literally nobody has signed up for this, it's cancelled. I won't be there.

Well... recently, noder and Cologne native Heisenberg /msgd me about possibly meeting up and noted that both he and I lived in East London - he in Bethnal Green and I in Clapton.

Once a map had been consulted, we noted that an ideal top place to host a nodermeat would be London Fields Park in Hackney. Therefore, on Saturday, July 27, 2013, we will be in that aforementioned park, weather permitting, for the consumption of finger foods, enjoyment, conviviality, wholesome games, and the supping of large amounts of alcohol. And everyone's invited.


London Fields, Hackney. Look for the balding German and the fat ginger bloke in a Macc Lads t-shirt. Nearest rail station is London Fields which is on the line from Liverpool street. Alternatively, buses 254, 106, and 55 go past it.


Basically, we'll be having a bit of a picnic. You can bring whatever you like; I'll have arranged some sort of sandwiches, crisps, sausage rolls, and extremely hot chilli dip. You're welcome to bring card games, tennis rackets, cricket bats, or similar if you see fit. It should also be noted that London Fields is also the home of London Fields Lido, a 50-metre heated outdoor swimming pool which has a cafeteria and a flat space for anyone who feels like sunbathing. It may be, subject to people wanting to, that those of us with a love of all things wet can leap in. This is, of course, weather permitting - if it's stair-rodding down then this may have to fall by the wayside. If you're interested, bring something suitable to put on your body. Otherwise you may get done for indecent exposure.

At some point, an episode of the E2 Podcast will be generated, so guests are respectfully requested to bring some manner of node to read for this.

Later on, once the shadows lengthen somewhat, a public house will be patronised. I recommend the Pembury Tavern which is just up the road near Hackney Central overground station. There is a closer pub that would have been suitable but alas, I and everyone in my firm is barred. This is because we were instructed to issue proceedings against its owner and in doing so wrote some very snotty letters indeed to them. The Pembury does real ale from a local brewery and also custom pizzas of significant tastiness for those who are interested.

Alas, I for one have physically no space to accommodate another human being in my shoebox of a flat, so those needing crash space may be a bit stuck. However I'm sure if you look you can find suitable inexpensive accommodation. I'm also informed that Heisey is not in possession of anywhere for another person to put themselves either. Apologies.


Saturday, July 27, 2013. From about 1.30 pm onwards. Until whenever.


Please /msg me if you are likely to attend.

Sorted Geezers (and Geezettes)

Fence Sitters

  • none yet

Not Likely

  • Oolong is off camping elsewhere and sends his apologies.

So there we were, two moderately middle aged professionals, bound by the goodness that is E2. Having missed each other on consecutive nodermeets for a few years now, we thought it would be a good idea to meet on a nice and sunny Saturday afternoon for Beer, Burgers, Barbecue, Bellydancing and the odd snifter of Baileys. Social animals that we are, we thought we make a nodermeet of it.

But alas.

The London Nodermeet Posse seems to be dead as a Dodo.

So, no outdoor Nodermeet. Everything is cancelled.

Hazelnut and myself will do what normal men do. We will have a curry, drink Cobra and talk in sombre tones about the good old days


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