Baileys proclaims to be "the original Irish cream" as produced by R. A. Bailey and Co. A one litre bottle of Baileys contains 17 UK units of alcohol (17% volume). The drink has the Club Oenologique international gold seal as of 1976.

Apparently Baileys is "a natural marriage of fresh Irish cream, Irish Whiskey and the finest spirits blended to perfection. Enjoy straight, on-the-rocks, or in coffee. To taste Baileys at its best store between 5-25oC. The bottle states you must avoid citrus and acidic drinks as mixers, this way Baileys will always emerge smooth, mellow and irresistible.

From personal experience, Baileys is very rich with a very smooth taste and should not be mixed with either a very rich meal or other spirits on the same night as this can cause illness. Baileys is considered a typical "lady's drink" but in today's modern world it is acceptable for men to consume it as well.

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