A pen-and-paper game often played at christmas/birthday parties when a large family all go to one person's house. The bane of any social gathering. It works thusly:

Each player is given a piece of paper about ten centimetres across and twenty down. At the top, they write "A boy called " followed by a boy's name of their choice.

Everyone then folds the top of the paper over to obscure what they have just written, and passes it to the person on their left. If you feel particularly bohemian, everyone can pass it to the right instead.

Everyone then writes "Met a girl called " followed by a girl's name of their choice, folds the top of the paper over and passes it along. This continues with people writing different subjects- the ones usually done are:

  • "A boy called "(boy's name)
  • "Met a girl called "(girl's name)
  • "At"(place)
  • "Together they ate "(food or revolting substance)
  • "He said "(one-liner)
  • "She said "(one-liner)
  • "The world said "(one-liner)
  • "And the consequence was "(some sort of thing that happened)

For example we could have:

"A boy called John Prescott
Met a girl called Cilla Black
In the alley behind a kebab shop
Together they ate wombats' toenails
He said "One pink gin, please."
She said "Go microwave your head."
The world said "Ooo, aren't they young?"
And the consequence was that the price of radishes plummeted."

After everyone has finished writing their consequence, the paper is rolled up all the way and then passed around a few more times. Everyone then unrolls it all the way and reads their little story aloud.

Hilarity ensues.

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