Each Concept Network link "belongs" to a node, from which it comes. Its is directed to another node, and has following fields:

contains the name of the link's type (contains, co-occurs with, followed by, etc.)
the node pointed by this link
the influence that the departure node has on the arrival node, that one can also see as a conceptual proximity of the two related nodes.
optional pointer to a label node, turning the link into a labeled link

The next figure shows an a minimal Concept Network sample, where the birthday node is completely activated (100%). This node is linked to cake, whose activation value is zero. This link's type is eat, and is weight 95%. This network is an abstract representation of the fact that for an anniversary, one often eats a cake.

/----------------\                             /--------------\
|   S: birthday  |                             |    S: cake   |
+----------------+                             +--------------+
| CI:  80        |     /-----------------\     | CI: 70       |
| AV: 100 %      +-----+ T: eat | W: 95% +---->+ AV:  0%      |
| DR:   2        |     \-----------------/     | DR:  5       |
| Ag: ComputeDay |                             | Ag: CookCake |
\----------------/                             \--------------/

Like in neural networks, the activation value from birthday will be propagated to cake, thanks to the activation propagation mechanism.

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