A node of a Concept Network has these fields:

symbol (S)
it contains the symbolic information.
conceptual importance (CI)
the more abstract a node, the bigger its conceptual importance.
activation value (AV)
translates the fact that the node is activated or not (!)
decay rate (DR)
Influences the quickness of deactivation of the node. By default, depends on the number of incoming links and on the node CI.
agents (Ag)
agents that the node can launch in the coderack when its activation is greater than an activation threshold. They generally have to identify or to locate an instance of this node in the Blackboard. In the ECTOR case, they'll have to select the appropriate answer to the user's input.
Each instance creation in the Blackboard implies the activation of its father node (its activation is then maximal). This instance also allows the diminution of the father's decay rate (divided by the number of instances in the Blackboard -- plus one).

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