Give me your freshest handkerchief
Set aside a seat on your bench
Buy an extra ice cream cone or warm cider

Reserve your compassion for those more handsome than yourself.
Those whose hair is softer; whose eyes are brighter.

Hundreds will line up to care for the saddest voices.
Be brave enough to look elsewhere.
Be strong enough to hold the hand of a child whose only tragedy is perfection.

okay, the site has changed a lot since i last wrote something, and i should probably go back and re-read new user tips or FAQ's or whatever (for starters, your write-up had to be classified as person-place-thing-or-idea), but here goes

I'm surprised there aren't more write-ups here. What comes to my mind is the weird phenomenon wherein regular people, regular folks get all kind of angsty (it's not a real word, sue me) when Jennifer Aniston fails to find true love. That's the "beautiful child" part in the title of the node. I'm writing this on the day the news outlets are anticipating something like 100,000 earthquake deaths in Haiti (13 Jan 2010) (how big is Haiti anyway??) That's "the child that is crying" in the title of the node.

Does your Sunday newspaper have those Parade magazine inserts? They tend to have some famous person on the cover and the *cough* content *cough*, if you want to read it, promises to tell you how said famous person went through some trauma (e.g. death of a sister, battle with cancer) and came out the other side. Hoo-rah. And i should care because....? I mean, what about all the ordinary people dealing with the same stuff, but possibly without tons of extra cash, possibly without health insurance or what have you, all while holding down a regular job? And that's just ordinary life stuff that everyone has to deal with if they (we) live long enough and people around them (us) start dying and their (our) bodies start falling apart. That doesn't even come close to really crappy stuff like, i dunno, killing-your-father-and-marrying-your-mother or the-plane-i-was-riding-in-crashed-into-a-freaking-mountain-and-no-one-knows-where-we-are-and-we-are-stranded-out-here-and-we-have-to-decide-whether-to-starve-to-death-or-eat-the-flesh-of-the-people-who-died-on-impact-mmmmmmmmm-the-other-white-meat!

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