Stop on the G train in Brooklyn, New York, on Lafayette street with entrances on Clinton Avenue at the west end and Washington Avenue at the east. (my home stop is the clinton side.) I have a love/hate relationship with the G train, but mostly I hate it, as it is abysmally slow, and seems to mock me by never coming until the train on the other side, going the other way, has come and gone at least twice.

If you do happen to find yourself in my neck of the woods, there are many cute little restaurants and hip bars a block north on Dekalb, and three blocks west is the nice Fort Greene park. Further north is historic Myrtle avenue, on the B54 bus line. Myrtle is a bustling commercial avenue just south of the BQE, rife with businesses like Connecticut Muffin, Adami Hardware, a deli-grocery on every block, and chinese takeouts out the wazoo. To the east of the stop is Pratt institute, where an old roommate of mine used to go.

If you are headed into the city it's best to bypass the g station and walk the additional couple blocks south to the Clinton-Washington stop on the C train at Fulton street, rather than taking the G to Hoyt-Schermerhorn to transfer to the same train line. The only difference is that the blue Clinton-Washington stop is a local only C train, and is bypassed by the A, both of which stop at hoyt. Either way you gotta get off at Fulton Street Broadway Nassau if you are going to the east side, or you can stay on if going to the west side.

Unless you take the F.

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