Three guys are standing in line to get into heaven ...

... but apparently, heaven's getting really full today, so Saint Peter is under strict orders to not let anyone in unless they've had a really terrible death.

St. Peter tells the first guy in line, "Hi, I'm really sorry, but I just can't let you in unless you've had a bad death. So, what's your story?"

The first guy says, "Well, I've just been having a terrible day. I've been suspecting that my wife's been cheating on me, so I come home early, to my apartment on the tenth floor. And when I come in, I know I've caught her, I can just feel it. But try as I might, I can't find the guy anywhere! I search through the whole apartment but he's nowhere to be found. Finally, I come out to the balcony, and he's there, he's hanging off the railings of the balcony! So I start kicking him, stepping on his hands, but he's still hanging on! Finally, I just go inside, get a hammer, and hit his hands until he falls. But when he falls, he just hits a bunches of bushes, and he's still alive! I get so angry, I run inside, I grab the refrigerator and I throw it at him. I think it hits him, but all that stress and anger gets to me, and I die then and there.

St. Peter thinks this is a pretty bad death, so he lets him in. The second guy in line comes up to Peter and Peter tells him the same thing - heaven's getting full and he can't let him in unless he's had a bad death.

The second guys says, "Man, my day's been really strange. You see, I live on the eleventh floor of this apartment building, and every day I go out to my balcony to stretch and do some exercises. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but I think I slipped, and I fell off my balcony! Luckily, I was able to grab ahold of the balcony's railings below me, and I'm holding on until somebody can save me. Finally, the balcony's doors open and I think I've been saved! But man, the guy who comes out just goes psycho on me! He starts kicking me and hitting me - eventually he just goes inside and gets a hammer, so I just give up and let go. But after falling ten stories, I hit some bushes, and I'm okay! Just as I'm getting up and brushing myself off, this refrigerator comes out of the sky and lands on me, killing me then and there.

St. Peter agrees that this is definitely a strange death, so he lets him into heaven. Finally, the last guy comes up in line, and St. Peter tells him the same thing he's told the other two guys, heaven's full and you need a good story to get in.

The last guy says, "Dude, picture this: I'm naked, sitting inside this refrigerator....

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