(If one does not do it within the first ten minutes, one will never do it) .

This refers to jumping off of a cliff into water. From experience I can say that cliff jumping is scary as well as enjoyable.

The key to cliff jumping is confidence.
If a person has a miscalculation or high amount of doubt in their head before they jump then there is chance that the cliff jumper will soon be in a large amount of pain. The best way to ensure confidence is to jump before the mind takes in the whole situation. If one gives the brain too much time to think over the scenario then it will try its hardest to delay the upcoming event. The best way to approach the jump is to count your footing by taking a slow jog to the edge. After you know how many steps to take and what foot you will be jumping off of, jump. While in the air, if you can think at all, remember to keep your arms in near your sides. Soon after, you will smash into the water and feel the cold victory of...

cliff jumping.

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