A university town which borders Interstate 80 in the midst of rural Pennsylvania.

The university which binds the town to the hicks who have always been there is hardly Ivy League. Anyone with a 2.0 GPA and an SAT score of 200 can get in. That's not to say that those who teach there aren't well-qualified and good instructors. On the contrary, graduates of Harvard and Brown, those who have taught at Princeton are employed as professors. Unfortunately for them, most of the people who end up in Clarion don't care about their futures, and are merely attending university to get away from their folks and move into the pseudo big city.

Here, teachers at the elementary and high schools are required to be atheletic coaches, ethnic slurs are background noises to be ignored, and everyone is forced to pledge allegiance to the flag, even though it's unconstitutional. Children in this town area taught to ignore justice and liberty, to create an atmosphere of hatred. There are no role models in Clarion, Pennsylvania, other than those who choose to leave.

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