First of all, I want to say to all of those die-hard God fans out there, I am sorry if this offends you. (I don't know why it ever would.) In this node I hope to show you how much money you will spend in your life, going to church. It's not to drive you into Satanism or anything, but it's just an idea I've always wanted to get down on paper, er, the Internet.

For these calculations, lets assume you're a real, good, perfect Catholic for every single day of your life. But remember, you are not required to donate to the church. It is only recommended because you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside of yourself for helping others. Here are the basis I am, um, basing this on. Don't forget; this is only if you happen to be a little less than perfect in every way.

Hah, of course we all know that this is not a very large occurrence. Not very large at all!

Well, with that, let's tally up the hideous totals! It may be surprising in a one-lump sum amount, but it could cost anywhere from $10,716 to $185,296! Of course, we don't expect that from you. Now, I'll go my way. I just hope that our good Lord won't smite me down. Oh, no. I'm going to hell now.

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