Mr. Woolery is a game show host, most recently of the "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" type of show, "Greed". Before that, he hosted "The Dating Game" remake in 1997 and 98. I don't like those type of game shows.

Believe it or not, Chuck wanted to be a musician, but joined the U.S. Navy instead, then he studied Economics and Sociology at Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky.

He held various jobs after college, including a Wine Consultant and in some capacity at Pillsbury, now owned by General Mills.

Later, Chuck started a band called Avant Garde. The song "Naturally Stoned," went into the Top 40 in 1968. But Avant Garde disintegrated after that. Wollery left for a solo career. After signing a contract with RCA Records, Woolery moved to L.A. decided to start acting.

Starred as Mr. Dingle in the children's show "New Zoo Revue." He then co-stared with Cheryl Ladd and Rosey Grier in 1974's "Treasure of Jamaica Reef." Woolery was also the vocalist on the series "Your Hit Parade."

After an appearance on "The Merv Griffin Show," Merv Griffin asked Woolery to audition to host a new game show, "Wheel of Fortune." He co-hosted with Susan Stafford during NBC's daytime schedule starting in January of 75, and the his stint lasted 7 years. He won a Daytime Emmy in '77/'78 for his work.

Probably due to his humor, he was sought after as a host and in 1983 he joined "Love Connection," which lasted for an absurd 11 seasons. He also hosted "Scrabble," which was one of my favorites as a kid, which ran from 1984 to 1990. This hosting of two different shows was unique at the time.

In 1991, Chuck hosted his own talk show, and then in 1996 joined on as co-host of "Home and Family" on the Family Channel.

A couple fun passages from his "Wheel of Fortune" days, both from the 1980 season:

CHUCK: Here's Monty Preston. He teaches English as a second language...What does that mean?
MONTY: I teach English to foreign people who come over from other countries.
CHUCK: Oh...THEIR second language...


CHUCK: Linda's a sales assistant for an insurance company and an avid bicycle rider.
LINDA: That's right...
CHUCK: Two-wheel or four-wheeler?
LINDA: Two...
CHUCK: Two-wheel...Well, that's right...a BI-cycle...two wheel...I lost my mind there for a second!

He was polite, too, for the speed round of "Wheel":

"I'm sorry I didn't spin more money than that!"

His most recent adventure is in the world of the web, where he's running a thing called ( I hate romance game shows. Oh well.

TV-wise, he now hosts the game show, "Lingo" on Game Show Network.

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