In my AP Government class, we had to write a song to the tune of any well known Christmas song. The requirement was that it had to have at least five current events in it, from the past ten years.
To the tune of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:

In August nineteen-ninety-one
The USSR fell
After a bust soviet coup
All of Russia was well
Bicameral parliament was established in Moscow
A-and Boris Yeltsin drank Smirnoff as well.

Down in Southern Africa
Apartheid is destroyed
No one discriminates against
The dark-skinned little boys
The Live-Aid concert helped so much, we thank you Queen, U2
A-and Mandela is free from jail, woo hoo.

In nineteen-ninety, ninety-one
The army went to war
Saddam attacked Kuwait because
His life became a bore
Schwartzkoff sent tanks to bomb the ranks of turban-clad arabs
While Quayle learned to count from one to four

The Dow Jones industrial Average reached ten thousand Mercedes Benz for all the guys And Tiffany's for girls The biotech and dot-com stocks made many people rich
But the IRS takes it all, gee that's rich.

In Yugoslavia ethnic
Cleansing was policy
By President Milosevic
But now where can he be?
Deposed and incarcerated, his life just sucks a lot
It's too bad that they will not let him smoke pot

Believe it or not, it all goes with the tune.

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