ESPN's main football host. Also the host of ABC's Monday Night Football. A former SportsCenter anchor, Berman is famous for nicknaming on the fly. Some of the best examples:
  • Baseball pitcher Frank Tanana "Daquiri"
  • Nascar driver Davy Allison "Wonderland"
  • Baseball player Lance "You sank my" Blankenship"
  • Pitcher Bert "Be home" Blyleven
  • Jim "Two sillouhettes on" DeShaies
  • Stan "You can" Javier "way"
  • Chuck "New Kids On" Knoblauch or Chuck "Chip off the ol'" Knoblauch
  • John "I am not a" Kruk
  • John "Tonight, let it be" Lowenstein

A Yahoo search for Berman will find many canonical lists of these nicknames.

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