Having owned an authentic Chinese restaurant for the past 15 years, I've come across what I like to call "Chinese Food Non-Standard Syndrome". Essentially, it's the fact that when it comes to Chinese food, there is no standard for any recipe of any dish. For example, when you think of spaghetti, you think of the standard stuff like spaghetti pasta and tomato sauce. With a Chinese dish like Shanghai Noodles, however, it's a whole different story. What you think is Shanghai Noodles in one restaurant may end up being called Triple Delight Noodles in another place. Worse still is that when you ask for Shanghai Noodles in one restaurant only to find that they serve it to you with egg noodles and no vegetables (it should have noodles that are similar to spaghetti pasta). The worst example is with General Tso's Chicken where there are literally a hundred different ways of making the dish.

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