Indie/punk/art rock band on matador records. Its members are:
James Lo - drums;
Clay Tarver - guitar, vocals;
Matt Sweeney - vocals, guitar;
Scott Masciarelli - bass.

They have released two albums ("Gone Glimmering"- 1995 and "Ride the Fader"- 1996), an EP ("Pentagram Ring"- 1995) and a 7" ("Repeat the Ending" b/w "Hack the Sides Away"- 1994).

I think they are incredible- their music and lyrics range from mysterious to aggressive to beautiful, often in the same two-and-a-half minute song. Their guitars remind me of the dissonance of Sonic Youth, which combined with memorable and melodic vocals and one of the craziest rhythm sections I have ever heard, result in a completely unique yet familiar sound. I bought "Ride the Fader" about three years ago and at first I wasn't very impressed, but it grew on me slowly and now it's one of my all- time favourite records.

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