Charnel is the name of the God of Death in Sacrifice, a game by Shiny Entertainment.

Charnel espouses death and strife, claiming that he is necessary, amongst other thing, to give the holy warriors someone to hate.

Charnel's wizards are known as necromancers, and their spells deal, first with insects and later with such effects as reanimating units killed in battle.

All Charnel units regain health by inflicting damage, as they use the blood shed to strengthen themselves. The vast majority of Charnel units are corrupted versions of the minions of the other gods.

Char"nel (?), a. [F. charnel carnal, fleshly, fr. L. carnalis. See Carnal.]

Containing the bodies of the dead.

"Charnel vaults."


Charnel house, a tomb, vault, cemetery, or other place where the bones of the dead are deposited; originally, a place for the bones thrown up when digging new graves in old burial grounds.


© Webster 1913.

Char"nel, n.

A charnel house; a grave; a cemetery.

In their proud charnel of Thermopylae. Byron.


© Webster 1913.

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