Chapter Approved is a column featuring in Games Workshop's monthly hobby magazine White Dwarf. Like its counterpart, Warhammer Chronicles, it focuses on one specific game, in this case Warhammer 40,000. Introduced to coincide with the release of the game's third edition, it has included everything from rule clarifications (although this is something of a pet peeve of the column's editor), experimental new rules (such as those dealing with craters), and complete new army lists (for example, those for the Sisters of Battle).

The column is maintained by a crack team... well, reluctant squad of the White Dwarf boyz, headed up by one Andy Chambers. The articles published are not just restricted to the magazine, however - compilations have been released (under the Codex: Chapter Approved name), and various important parts have been published on the Games Workshop website ( ) for download. This includes handly cut-out-and-stick-in errata for the various Codex suppliments, plus downloadble chapters from the Chapter Approved Codex.

One annoyance with the web-based side of Chapter Approved is that all downloadable sections are in Adobe Acrobat (.PDF) format. This is, however, a minor grievance.

To my anonymous softlinker: I'm not using a copyrighted work. So nyah.

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